All-American numbers: The business of Independence Day


Photo by anonfx

Happy birthday, America! Before you head out to your barbecues, parades, pool parties and fireworks extravaganzas, take a closer look at the Fourth of July by the numbers, courtesy of Forbes:

  • Americans will spend an estimated $101 million on hot dogs and $176 million on hamburger patties today. Don't forget to include an extra $393.1 million for condiments, $34.5 million for buns, $274.2 million for charcoal and lighter fluid, $120.7 million for chips and dip, $303.2 million for alcohol, $126.2 million for soda and $149.1 million for watermelon.
  • 61 percent of Americans will celebrate the holiday with a cookout.
  • 43 percent will take in a fireworks display.
  • 10 percent will go to a parade.
  • 61 percent of Americans will display a flag, 28 percent will put up Independence Day decorations and 45 percent will wear red, white and blue garb.
  • 41.1 million Americans will travel for the holiday.

However you decide to celebrate, have a happy and safe Fourth of July!


Bill Sheridan