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Want to win? Do the work … and believe


Sometimes obscurity is easier, isn't it? No one's expecting you to win anyway, so why not just pack it in, go home, and get some rest?

Except ...

Except what if you won? What if you decided that "good enough" wasn't good enough? What if you decided that you wanted to keep winning?

That just makes it that much harder, doesn't it? If you want to keep succeeding, you need to keep working. Keep busting your butt. Keep defying the odds. Keep doing the improbable.

Sure, it's hard. If it were easy, everyone would do it.

So you work. And you win. And then you win again. And again.

And suddenly, you're the New York Giants.

You're a team that was one loss from oblivion. You were an afterthought. You were picked to go nowhere. But you kept working, and winning, and then one day, you won it all.

We're all capable of great things. We just need to do great work, and believe.

Nobody is annointed champion. We have to earn it.

The Giants earned it. Hats off to them.

What are you doing these days to earn it?


Bill Sheridan