Technology & Social Media

Is it time to pay attention to social media?

Marketing 2.0 I know you are not looking for one more thing to add to your plate, but this could be an investment that can save you time and help you or your firm or company actually make money.

How, you ask?

  1. Getting you found via SEO (that's search engine optimization).
  2. Getting you noticed: Clients and prospects will recognize you easier and know what you are about.
  3. Reinforcing your culture and training your team via powerful communications.

I am finding many examples of sole practitioners, small firms and large firms making effective use of social media tools to get noticed, build their brands and find new ways of getting clients. If you aren't at least looking at these tools, you may be falling behind.

In the chart above, you will see that these tools are now amplifiers and accelerators of the savvy firm or small business marketing strategy (the number one issues facing CPA firms now).

My top three tools to get started:

  1. Blogs: Start reading with a blog reader (Bloglines or Google Reader, for example) and set up a blog.
  2. Twitter
  3. Facebook and / or Linked in to build your community

Come to our Technology Conference on Dec. 7, 2009 to see our next live session on social media or ask about our Social Media Quick Start: Developing and Implementing a Social Media Strategy for Firms. (Send an e-mail to for info about this hands-on coaching program.)

Check out my presentation that I just made to our Maryland managing partner group at their request, and from my two sessions at the CCH User Conference. The presentation is also online here.

CPAs & Social Media - Passing Fad or Valuable Tool? View more documents from Tom Hood.So, what do you think: Is social media a passing fad or valuable tool?