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Leaders are readers; just ask Tom Peters

"The faster you go, the farther ahead you have to see."

How is your sight? Are you looking out far enough for your business? Your client's business?

In today's turbulent and rapidly changing economy, the first quality of extraordinary leaders is being able to see farther and wider than their competition.

One way of doing this is to read. This includes a diet of periodicals, Web sites and major non-fiction business books. Even good fiction books can provide leadership lessons. It is also a good idea to find some "edgy" reads that will force you to look beyond the edges of your sight.

Watch this two minute video by Tom Peters.

I confess, I have been a fan of Tom Peters for years. (Did you know Tom is from Baltimore?) He puts it into focus as only he can do.

It's getting in deep enough to get more analytical depth, a wider angle, and thinking about it as it relates to your organization. Could this help us? Our customers? Our suppliers?

As Tom says, "It works and you've gotta do it. Try to out-read the other guy!"

One leader who reads is Ernie Almonte, past-Chairman of the AICPA. Ernie is a prolific reader, reading an average of one book a week!

Right now I am reading three books: Positivity: Groundbreaking Research Reveals How to Embrace the Hidden Strength of Positive Emotions, Overcome Negativity, and Thrive; The Art of the Idea: And How It Can Change Your Life; and re-reading Managing in Turbulent Times. For periodicals, I like the edgy mags FastCompany and Wired along with the classic Harvard Business Review.

Talk back and share how you "see ahead of your competition" and what you are reading right now!