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First MACPA e-book now available as print-on-demand

Apparently, print isn't dead after all.

The MACPA's first e-book – a collection of CPA Success blog posts titled Look, Lead, Love, Learn – hit Amazon in May. We published it strictly as an e-book, partly to keep costs down, partly because we have ideas for other books and needed an easy way to figure out the publishing process, and mostly because, well, that's the future of publishing. No sense clinging to old business models while they suck you under, right?

Then a funny thing happened. People kept asking where they could get print versions of the book.

"You can't," we told them.

"Why not?" they asked.

"They don't exist," we explained.

"We want them anyway," they said.

And we – never ones to turn our backs on popular demand – said, "OK."

So here it is – a print-on-demand version of Look, Lead, Love, Learn, now available on Amazon alongside the greener, more future-focused electronic version.

You'll pay a few dollars more for the print version – all that paper and ink and shipping, you know. But if you're one of those people who simply must hold the book you're reading in your hands, we're sure you'll think it's worth it.

Keep your eyes peeled, though. You might just have an opportunity to win a free version of the book – electronic or otherwise – and an upcoming MACPA conference near you.

Stay tuned …


Bill Sheridan