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How to have a successful New Year!

It's 2016 and I challenge you to make everyday New Years!

This post comes from one of our team members, Emily Trott. It comes from her husband, Mike Trott and a note he sent to the baseball team he coaches and she sent it to me as a new year's wish. 

"Everyday should be New Years as far as goal setting. Human nature challenges all of us to push ourselves daily, but use 2016 as the motivation to get your goals and plan of action set in place. Just remember the path to success holds speed bumps and setbacks ahead for all of us. Stick to the process and treat each day as the 1st day of your plan in reaching your goals with that same drive and determination. Keep it real and understand the path to success isn't as easy or as pretty as we would like to imagine."

Choose to be extraordinary every day and keep reaching for your goals!

Thanks Em! And Happy New Year!

Sketch from Babs Rangaiah of Unilever (@babs26)