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Stop watching the market and go back to work

593721-asian-woman-watching-stock-market-index Remember Bill's post one week ago? I had no idea we would need it so soon.

He penned a recap of a great session we had at a conference we attended titled, Stress? It's a state of mind.

Then author Tim Sanders writes a post titled, Turn off the market and go back to work.

Together, these two posts can serve as your guide to navigating the surprises of the last week and the future surprises we can count on.

Let's start with a few of Bill's keepers from Peg Neuhauser:

  • Keep things in perspective. Are you dead? No? Then things aren't so bad.
  • Change your thoughts and you'll change your mood -- and as a result, your stress levels. Visualize positive outcomes.
  • Smile a lot.
  • Lighten up and laugh
  • And most important on this occasion: Don't try to control what can't be controlled.

Then there is Tim's sage advice from his post.

"No matter how many times you check on the Dow, it's down. Get over it.

I've been through these wild market swings before, starting the the breakdown of 2000 the DotCom bubble burst. It was a nightmare on paper, on screen and the minds of people around me. You could tell when someone was spending too much time watching cable TV or surfing Yahoo Finance -- he had the 'deer in the headlines look.'

He was also let go in the first wave of layoffs a year later. Because he wasn't working on his work, he was sucked up into the game. He thought that if he checked on the market, and talked about it with his colleagues enough, it would either go away or he'd be picked as the new team leader."

Now is the time to focus more than ever on the things you can control -- your work and your life. Take the opportunity to build on your strengths and seek opportunities to step up your game. Deliver remarkable service while everyone else is frozen with the 'deer in the headlines look.'

Flip the conversations around from, "Did you see the market today?" to "What new opportunities do we see in this turmoil?" We have been through these major downturns before. Remember the dot-com bubble? The housing bubble? And now we have the debt bubble. You can bet there will be more bubbles in our future, and yet somehow we have always bounced back.

A leader's job is to deliver hope and inspiration, and we can all use a lot of that in this whitewater economy.

So stop watching the market and go back to work! I am going to work on the things I can control, like making us remarkable for our members, our customers and our team.

Then buy Tim's latest book, Today We Are Rich: Harnessing the Power of Total Confidence for your end-of-summer read. It is an inspirational read that will build your confidence (especially in times like these) and empower you to be your best self.

How are you dealing with the turbulence?