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Conference Season is a great time for Social Learning

Conference season is a great time for social learning?

That is right - social learning.

Social Media is the third big thing for social media after marketing and communication.

Imagine getting the insights and salient notes from the audience and speakers during and after the conference.

Watch my interview with Journal of Accountancy on Social Learning below:

Let me show you what I am talking about. Just yesterday I spoke at the FICPA #MegaCPE Conference in Orlando and the twitter conversation went like this:

From @Lisa_Seiffer "@TENKEYHEROES thank you for live tweeting this morning! Couldn't write fast enough :) #MegaCPE #keynote"

Here is how social learning using twitter and a twitter hashtag filter like hootsuite or tweetdeck can help you. Just click on the reports below and see the tweetstream from most end of conference to the beginning and the highlights and most tweeted. Pay attention to the top RTs (retweets), top tweeters and look for links, recaps, and resources. You can also "follow" those infuential people to stay current with them. Here are recaps from six major conferences covering the CPA Profession and one about associations:

  • AICPA CFO Conference #AICPACFO 84,579 accounts reached with 588,790 impressions
  • Association Digital Now Conference #DIGINOW 149,092 accounts reached with 2,586,666 impressions
  • Financial Executives International Conference #FEISUMMIT 98,287 accounts reached with 858,274 impressions
  • AICPA PSTECH Conference #PSTECH 328,726 accounts reached with 3,013,912 impressions
  • XBRL International Conference #XBRL2014 86,697 accounts reached with 1,784,722 impressions
  • FICPA #MegaCPE Conference thru Thursday 53,011 accounts reached with 899,506 impressions

Check out our social media guide and instruction on how to crush a conference and follow us next week - Sunday and Monday at #MDSUMMIT.  

CPA Innovation Summit - Social Media Guide from Tom Hood   In this world of rapid change and increasing complexity, the winners will be those who can keep their rate of learning greater than the rate of change and greater than their competition or L>C2.

So tell me what you think, can social media help you learn?

What else do you need to get started?  


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