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Government Contractors Conference

The MACPA has a lot of opportunities to earn CPE credits and our upcoming Government Contractors Conference is a perfect opportunity for many people in our community to earn 8 hours of CPE.

#GVCCON, also known as the Government Contractors Conference, is a perfect conference for anyone who is a CPA for a government contractor, a CPA with government contracting clients, CFOs, controllers and accountants employed by government contractors, and government employees and anyone seeking to improve their awareness of the issues facing government contractors. 

Even if you wish to secure government contract clients, this conference is for you.

Our lineup of speakers this year is just as great as years past. Joining us this year to discuss numerous topics are Alan Chovotkin, executive vice president of the Professional Services Council; PwC Partner Jim Thomas; and Aronson partners David Semendinger and Phillip McMann. 

Among the topics on this year’s agenda are:

  • DCAA Update
  • Legislative Update on Government Contract Accounting and Pricing
  • Profession and Legislative Update from MACPA
  • Lease Accounting Overview of New Standards and their effect on Government Contractors
  • State Income Tax and Sales Tax Nexus and Apportionment for Government Contractors in 2019
  • M&A Presentation - Considerations for achieving the maximum multiplier - addressing the sale of a contract

If you’re on the fence, here’s what others had to say about a few of the presenters from last year’s conference:

DCAA Update: Jacque Hlavin

  • Always a good source of useful info.
  • Very responsive.

Legislative Update on Government Contract Accounting and Pricing: Jim Thomas

  • As usual very informative and thought-provoking.
  • Easily the best speaker of the conference.
  • Jim presented his material in a manner which was easy to follow and engaging. Please see if he can participate in future conferences!
  • Entertaining and informative.

If you're interested in joining us click here to get your ticket!


Sarah Hanford