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Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is my personal favorite of all the holidays -- that uniquely American holiday devoted to the single concept of counting our blessings and giving thanks.

This year continues to be a difficult one for many who have been caught in the turbulence of the recession. It is our hope that through the adversity, many will still find gifts to be thankful for and the comfort of friends and family — the hallmark of this holiday.

Seth Godin captures the sentiment well in his Thanksgiving post, The only holiday that really matters:

"Whenever I sit down at this keyboard, I feel humbled and quite lucky to have the privilege. Every day is Thanksgiving, because without the people we love and depend on, there'd be nothing."

I agree and echo those remarks!

We at the MACPA are thankful for the opportunity to work with so many volunteer CPAs who give their precious time and energy to help us promote and protect this wonderful profession. We are thankful that our reputation and image as the "most trusted advisor" has never been stronger. We are thankful for all CPAs who go to work every day and "do the right thing," making our economy stronger and helping employers and clients grow and prosper. We are thankful for all of our members who give us the resources and strength in numbers to represent the interests of CPAs and make a difference in Maryland.

We are also thankful for the freedoms and safety we enjoy. We remember the men and women who are fighting in lands far away and standing guard close at home while we celebrate this national day of thanksgiving. Please take a moment over the next few days to reflect and remember our fallen heroes who have paid the ultimate price.

Finally, we want to close with the words of a 14th-century prayer: "If you only know two words of prayer, 'thank you' — they are enough."

Have a safe, healthy and happy Thanksgiving from CPA Success!