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The top nine issues facing business in 2008

Deloitte just released its list of the nine business issues that will matter most in 2008:

  1. Globalization
  2. Convergence
  3. Environmental sustainability
  4. Rising energy costs
  5. Rising health care costs
  6. Transparency
  7. Technology use and integration
  8. 2008 presidential election
  9. Talent management

I think they are absolutely right. Here at the MACPA, we want to do something a,bout it. That is the reason for our "new" major event: The Maryland Business and Accounting Expo or MDBIZEXPO. We think CPAs can actually help lead our way through this gathering storm of events.

How, you ask?

Innovation and growth: How to find and seize opportunities: That is the theme for our conference and expo, which will be held at the Baltimore Convention Center on June 17-18.  A perfect example of innovation is the Expo itself. It is not your ordinary trade show, but an event with a purpose to bring together leading business and accounting providers, thought leaders and thousands of Maryland CPAs who are involved in the Maryland economy. It is also innovative, as it will be the first business and accounting expo to be held concurrently in the virtual world -- Second Life.

Md_biz_expo We identified the six biggest issues to Maryland business:

  1. Financing and the credit crunch
  2. Technology
  3. Rising health care costs
  4. Workforce development / talent management
  5. Rising energy costs
  6. Increasing taxes

And, increased globalization as an overarching trend (which could be our number seven). This tells me we are on track; our members related to these throughout our town hall meetings during the past year.

We think there are no shortcuts to winning in this new environment. Business is fundamental to our economy and our society, and CPAs are fundamental to business. CPAs have been on the front lines of helping businesses manage costs, improve transparency and financial reporting, and yes, even leading innovation. Due to the public interest inherent in the CPA license, we have an obligation to help build sustainable and profitable organizations that help our society. Even in the non-profit and government arenas, these concepts hold true. There can be no great mission or purpose without a stable platform of financial sustainability to stand upon.

Dsc05550 New concepts like lean accounting, XBRL and enhanced business reporting are making real changes in the way business is being done.  We think this exposition can bring together the thought leaders, leading-edge suppliers, CPAs and the entire Maryland busines community with a focus on innovation and growth.

Starting with a high-energy keynote by bestselling author Jim Swartz, who wrote Seeing David in the Stone: How to Find and Seize Great Opportunities, to the founder of XBRL International, Mike Willis, there are more than 70 sessions to help CPAs and businesses figure out this new economy. More than 100 exhibitors will be on hand to share their insights, tools and techniques.

Or as the song goes on the Eagles' latest CD, Long Road out of Eden, let's get together and DO SOMETHING!


  • Information about sponsoring or exhibiting at the MDBIZEXPO can be found here.
  • Information on the MDBIZEXPO on Second Life can be found here.
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