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MACPA, OpHaus to streamline the connection between CPA talent and hiring companies

The Maryland Association of CPAs and OpHaus have announce the availability of an MACPA Talent Platform, powered by OpHaus, that will allow hiring companies to confidentially post job opportunities and receive matched MACPA candidates in real time through the OpHaus Match software.

OpHaus and the MACPA made the announcement at the 2017 CPA Summit, held on Dec. 13 at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab.

Prior to the partnership, companies seeking to hire MACPA talent were reliant on candidates finding their job opportunities and applying. OpHaus eliminates that step.

Through OpHaus, talent onboards just once. They build a digital sequence of accomplishments, which is utilized to match them with job opportunities on their terms. With one click, professionals indicate whether they are seeking new opportunities or not.

It’s completely confidential, and OpHaus engages MACPA members by offering value-add services when they are not seeking a new job, including skills gap analysis, access to customized MACPA learning, flexible and project-based job opportunities, and data on in-demand skills.

“With technology available today, talent should be able to continuously market their accomplishments and results,” said OpHaus Founder Kate Ferreira. “We're able to match them with relevant opportunities, avoid inefficient job applications, and reduce the friction between talent and that crucial first interview.”

The MACPA has 9,000 members across the public practice, business and industry, consulting, and non-profit sectors. As a state CPA society, the MACPA is at the forefront of utilizing technology to advance the role of CPAs.

"We are excited to be working with OpHaus to connect the power of the platform to a networked community of developing talent and the firms and companies that need full- and part-time expertise to grow their business,” said MACPA Chief Operating Officer Jackie Brown. “It's a win-win, and we are very pleased to provide this new and unique member benefit.”

Learn more about the MACPA Talent Platform here.


Bill Sheridan