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MACPA’s Rebekah Brown: Using her strengths ‘to make an impact on the world’

The MACPA keeps doing some awesome things, and the world keeps taking notice.

The latest example? Episode 73 of John Garrett’s “Green Apple” podcast.

Garrett, a self-described “recovering Big Four CPA” and “nationally recognized corporate comedian,” spent some time recently talking with Rebekah Brown, the MACPA’s manager of membership development and engagement. The conversation spent less time on the MACPA and more time on purpose, passion, and personal drive. And Rebekah delivered. Some takeaways from their conversation:

  • Rebekah says she speaks to everyone, “from managing partners looking to improve their firms all the way to elementary school students interested in learning what an accountant does.” Her message: You never know who you’ll influence, so try to influence them all.
  • A graduate of THE Ohio State University, Rebekah initially tried to combine her passion for football with her passion for business by melding them into a sports management major. That eventually led her to public accounting, where she learned that “using your strengths and values within your career will let you be a whole person in your career and your personal life.” That eventually led her to the MACPA, where she focuses on her passion for serving our members. Her message: You never know where your passions will lead you, so do what you love. You’ll end up loving what you do.
  • “I’m all in,” she said. “I’m passionate about what I’m doing. I’m excited to learn and grow and to use my strengths to make an impact on the world.” Her message: Keep learning and growing. You’ll help others do the same, and you’ll keep yourself relevant and valuable at the same time.

Keep doing what you do, Rebekah. You make CPAs better, and that makes the MACPA better by extension. We’re lucky to have you … and so is the profession.

Listen to Rebekah’s “Green Apple” interview in its entirety here.


Bill Sheridan