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Relationships count at Comptroller’s luncheon

MACPA State Tax leaders with Comptroller's leaders
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On Dec. 11, 2006, the MACPA held a luncheon to honor outgoing Comptroller William Donald Schaefer. Although he was unable to attend, many of the key people in the Comptroller's Office came to break bread with the active members of the MACPA's State Tax Committee.

As I listened to several stories at the luncheon, it became clear that personal contact and relationships still count. In fact, the more we are overwhelmed with data and information, trust from real relationships becomes even more important. Several members of our State Tax Committee recounted how they forged realtionships after attending a committee meeting, in the place of someone else. The resulting relationships benefited them and clients for years to come. Isn't this also one of the primary value propositions of an association like the MACPA?

Relationships like these are how we view one of our primary roles -- connecting CPAs to the profession and to each other.

It was great to reconnect with the fine people at the Maryland Comtproller's office and many of the best tax minds in Maryland!


Bill Sheridan