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Social media for accounting students

I was invited recently to share my thoughts about social media for accounting students at my alma mater, Loyola University in Maryland (@loyolamaryland).  

Remember when you graduated from college? How big was your personal network?

I graduated 30 years ago and mine included about 15 people. I could call all of them on a land line or dorm phone, or had a physical snail-mail address.

I asked the students how big their networks are today. Answers included 1,200, 900, 628, 730. Several had laptops open and were checking their Facebook accounts. 

They all had LinkedIn accounts and several had Twitter accounts. They were all knowledgeable and comfortable with social media but had not thought about it in a professional context. They loved the idea of using Twitter and blogs to stay up on our rapidly changing profession. It was a great exchange and I hope they found value in the conversation.

Here is my presentation with lots of resources in the last few slides.

Social Media for Accounting - Student Edition from Tom Hood

I also reached out to my friends via Twitter for their advice to students. Within a day I got a "tweetload" of advice from some of the industries top thought leaders.

Bill Sheridan (@billsheridan) sent a tweet with a link to The The 10 Rules of Social Media Engagement.

Eric Cohen (@cybercpa) said, "On the Internet, nobody knows you are a student. Start establishing your brand and developing your network with care today."

Jody Padar (@jodypadarcpa) said, "Be yourself! People are human and you should be too. If you need to think twice about posting...DON'T."

See the attached tweetbook for the rest of the advice (and people to follow): Download Social-Media-Advice-for-Accounting-Students

I hope some of the students will share their insights via comments in this post.

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