CPAs are boring? Stuff it, StoveTop

PotatoDon't look now, CPAs, but I think StoveTop just called you boring.

Kind of ironic, when you think about it. I mean, they make stuffing, for God's sake. Who are they calling boring?

Regardless, StoveTop has thrown down the gauntlet, equating accountants to boring old potatoes. To which I say:

  1. What's so boring about potatoes? Do you realize all the things you can do with a potato?
  2. You might want to think twice before dissing accountants again, StoveTop. Who do you think handles your finances?

What should we do about this, CPAs? Boycott stuffing? Team up with the powerful potato lobby? Leave a comment with your best ideas and / or jokes below.

And when you're done, please pass the potatoes.


Bill Sheridan