My Thanksgiving Message to our Team

Dear MACPA-BLI Team,

...and our extended team of volunteer leaders, BLI thought leaders, Blue Ocean Ideas and all of our MACPA volunteers.

I want to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for all that you do and continue to do for our organization, our community of CPAs, and the greater good to the State of Maryland and beyond especially in these most trying and turbulent times.

You have continued to support our members and clients and help us 'adjust our sails' and weather a storm that seems to know no end. Many of you have had your own challenges at home with home schooling, health and family issues and yet continued to give us your personal best everyday. Whether working in the back stage or the front stage of our organization, your work supported our members and Profession who continue to be on the frontlines of this unprecedented financial crisis we are living through.

I am also grateful for your 'hope and inspiration' in all of our meetings and events internally and with our members. You are always willing to jump in and help with those big smiles that mean so much in the midst of this prolonged crisis.

My special thanks to my friend and our colleague Jackie Brown, our COO, who has continued to make sure we are both a smart and HEALTHY organization. She started our #healthyhopefulhumpday tradition that reminds us to 'put our oxygen masks on first'. She setup our recent 'stars of hope' session we did in the midst of our crazy schedule was a poignant reminder of the power of hope and inspiration in the darkness of uncertainty.

"As we cope with the many changes in our lives, we understand the challenges many are feeling in this time of uncertainty. HOPE is something we all need so much of and now more than ever." Stars of Hope - A Community of Hope and Healing

This year I am grateful for having a team of awesome people committed to MACPA and our Profession and who made the journey through these rough seas much 'more better'. I for one, am better because of all of you. I am making a contribution to Stars of Hope in honor of all of you - our team at MACPA-BLI.

Thank you and have a healthy and Happy Thanksgiving!



Tom Hood