A little tax trivia as the deadline nears

Tax0402Tax season is in the homestretch, and I'm guessing you practitioners out there are kinda busy. Am I right?

Still, who doesn't love a little trivia? So here goes: Which geographic area pays the most in federal taxes? This study from The Tax Foundation has the answers, broken down by city, county and (just for good measure) congressional district.

Next, improve your tax acumen by reviewing this random list of tax facts, courtesy of MSNBC. For instance, did you know the Aztecs used cocoa beans for money? It's true. In fact, says MSNBC, "Owners were taxed four cocoa beans for one rabbit." Now that's trivial.

Finally, test your tax IQ by taking this online quiz from the IRS. Actual question: "Which ancient civilization revered the tax professional as the most noble person in society?"

I don't know the answer, but it was clearly a highly advanced civilization.


Bill Sheridan