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Only you can prevent data theft

Going mobile? Good for you! Mobility -- the ability to be connected to your office anytime, from anywhere -- makes your employees extraordinarily productive and offers them unprecedented flexibility. It's all part of that work-life balancing act, and that added productivity can be good for the bottom line as well.

But mobility is not without its risks. All of that sensitive data on the move, out of your control, where a world full of ne're-do-wells can get to it? It makes one shudder, doesn't it? But you can be mobile and secure at the same time, and this article from Boomer Consulting shows you how.

If you're looking for more advice on secure mobility, check out this Journal of Accountancy article about the virtues of virtual private networks. offers additional advice for secure telecommuting. And this article from says "weak or non-existent policies on mobile devices could invite security breaches."

What advice do you offer telecommuters and their employers? What has worked for you?


Bill Sheridan