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Tax Day apocalypse? No … but just barely

What could possibly make tax season more stressful than it already is?

How about an asteroid?

It’s called Apophis. It's more than 1,000 feet wide, and in the spring of 2029, this big hunk of space rock will pass breathtakingly close to Earth — so close we'll be able to see it with a naked eye. In fact, when it was first discovered in 2004, scientists initially calculated that it had a nearly 3 percent chance of actually striking our planet. A strike like that would undoubtedly be devastating.

The date it will pass closest to Earth? April 15, 2029.

That's right — Tax Day. Talk about a bummer of an end to tax season.

Rest easy, though, tax pros. Scientists have since determined there is no chance that Apophis will hit home. But it will still pass close enough to give sky-watchers a show to remember. Popular Mechanics reporter Avery Thompson says the asteroid "will be as close as some of our satellites and only a few thousand miles away from the Earth’s atmosphere itself. That would make it one of the closest near-miss asteroids in history, and an incredible chance for scientists to learn as much as they can about it."

We've seen some crazy excuses for why taxpayers can't get their returns in on time, but for the time being, "asteroid" won't be among them.

To the best of our knowledge, anyway.


Bill Sheridan