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Questions about the economy? We might have some answers

Got questions about the economy?

Join the club. Let’s start with these:

1. There’s some uncertainty ahead, but things look good in Maryland, right? "Maryland’s state government budget has avoided catastrophic shortfalls so far during the pandemic-induced recession, largely due to federal coronavirus aid programs," The Baltimore Sun reports.

2. Wait ... things DON’T look good? "An alternate forecast paints a more dire picture of state revenues than an official projection released by the Board of Revenue Estimates," The Daily Record counters.

3. So Maryland still needs another stimulus bill, right? So say "three top Maryland officials who oversee the state’s finances," according to The Baltimore Sun.

4. What about that V-shaped recovery we’ve heard so much about? Is it really coming, or what? MarketWatch offers this take.

5. If the market is still strong, why are people still talking about a recession? That's another good question. Here's what The New York Times says.

So yeah, there’s a ton of uncertainty, and we've got a lot of questions. And we're looking for a lot of answers.

We might find a few of them during the MACPA's Business and Industry CPE Conference Series.

Scheduled for Oct. 14, 21, and 28, this webcast series will focus on how organizations can plan for the future, protect their assets, and most important, look ahead to what the economy has in store for us on a local, national, and global scale.

The focus of the series features renowned economist Anirban Basu, CEO of the Sage Policy Group. Basu will deliver a pair of back-to-back webcasts on Oct. 21:

Each will give you an inside look into how COVID-19 has rocked what had appeared to be a nearly invincible economy, one associated with substantial job growth, multi-decade lows in unemployment, sturdy compensation increases, robust retail sales, low inflation, and strong financial market performance. Underneath that strong performance, however, was a set of fragilities that have been exposed by the pandemic. These webinars will speak to our current economic circumstances, how difficult things are likely to become over the foreseeable future, and the contours of the brisk recovery to come thereafter.

Don’t miss the entire Business and Industry CPE Conference Series You can register for Basu's programs separately, or you can register for the entire Business and Industry CPE Conference Series. The rest of the series will feature deep dives into succession planning, cybersecurity, health and wellness, and managing stress.

Register for the entire B&I CPE Conference Series here.


Bill Sheridan