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Report: CPAs have sixth best job in America

Bestjobs Given the employment numbers floating around, any job has to be considered a good job these days.

Still, CPAs have to feel pretty good about the latest praise being thrown their way.

It comes from CNNMoney, which recently released its list of the 50 best jobs in America. Coming in at No. 6 were certified public accountants.

"Businesses began stocking the payroll with CPAs after major accounting scandals earlier this decade, and a host of new corporate accounting rules going into effect soon should ratchet up demand further," CNNMoney writes. "Government agencies are also hiring CPAs to monitor how well companies are complying with the new regs. Add inevitable changes to personal income tax rules and you have a pretty recession-proof profession."

Meanwhile, finance directors came in at No. 29 and senior internal auditors at No. 41. Finance directors placed seventh in salary and personal financial advisors were listed third in terms of job growth.

Check out the complete list, then tell us: Do CPAs deserve that lofty ranking ... or an even higher one?


Bill Sheridan