Financial Planning

Financial literacy: Bad news, good advice

Feed_the_pig_030Still more bad news on the financial literacy front: A recent AICPA poll has found that 41 percent of American adults believe they cannot afford to buy a home. Many say their spending and savings habits prevent them from achieving other life goals, and 29 percent say they are not able to save any money at all.

CPAs are trying to show them how. A number of MACPA members offer some of their best financial advice in this video. And the Feed the Pig campaign continue make progress -- including a sighting of "Bernadette P. Bankes" (sister of Feed the Pig star Benjamin Bankes) at a recent U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration meeting. The purpose of the visit: to stress the importance of sound financial planning. That's Bernadette in the photo above with the HRSA's Pat Reese, left, and Nancy McGinness, both of whom are CPAs and MACPA members.

CPAs aren't the only ones taking action. Employers, too, can help push their workers toward a more financially secure future, thanks to the Pension Protection Act. This CFO article outlines how "companies can play a key role in keeping employee retirement savings on track," thanks to federal legislation.

What's the best piece of financial advice you've ever heard?


Bill Sheridan