CPAs … there’s a map for that!

Mindjet CPA edition - map Trying to make sense of the SEC XBRL mandate and prepare for implementation?

Have to create an organizational development plan for your firm or company?

Developing a research plan to prepare for IFRS or the new convergence standards coming out of FASB?

Or prepare your own personal development plan, meeting agendas, communication plan?

There's a map for all of that. Actually, there are 25 maps for CPAs, plus many more general templates included.

Mindjet Mindmanager CPA Edition was developed by CPAs for CPAs. Templates were developed collaboratively with the Mindjet team and CPA subject matter experts from the Maryland Association of CPAs and the Business Learning Institute.

No only is this a great personal productivity tool, but it's also an effective communication tool. Check out this PDF of the CPA edition to see all 25 templates. I produced this by saving as a Mindjet Player -- just click on the + at the end of the branches and you can see all of the content and logic flow. Pretty cool.

I use this tool almost every day to help organize my thinking, prepare presentations or map out complex projects. It also has some great collaborative functionality with its Mindjet Catalyst tool.

See the demonstration videos here.

See another example: Why you need to create your organization's development plan -- now!

Order your copy of Mindmanager CPA edition and all 25 templates. (Use code MACPA to receive a 10 percent discount -- a $50 value).

What do you use for your productivity and communication tools?