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You’re gonna die. What’ll happen to your online data then?

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I'm willing to bet most of you haven't thought about this one before. I know I haven't.

You've got a blog, a page on Facebook and maybe another one on MySpace, a Flickr account, a YouTube channel, two or three e-mail accounts, some extremely personal information on eBay and

Then one day, you head off to that big social network in the sky.

What happens to your digital information then?

Thanks to extremely tight privacy restrictions, even your loved ones might not be able to access your online information after your death ... unless you've got Legacy Locker.

This NBC article puts it best. Your digital information is ...

"... (a)ll personal, all online, and now, thanks to Legacy Locker, all accessable to the important people in your life.

"If you want to try it for free, the Locker will let certain beneficiaries (it's all password protected) get to some content.

"The paid version lets more stuff out.

"You choose those who can access it, kind of like you're making a will."

I can't vouch for this thing because, well, I'm still alive. But it sounds interesting enough. Check it out if you want.

If not? Well, roll the dice and take your chances.


Bill Sheridan