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Bad news for mid-Atlantic commuters …

TrafficThis just in: Traffic in the Baltimore-D.C. region is bad.

Yeah, I know: "Tell me something I don't know, Bill." Still, it took a recent survey by to show us just how bad the situation is for area commuters.

Predictably, New York City workers face the worst commutes in the country; the average New Yorker spends 35.81 minutes on the road each morning. Not far behind, though, are No. 2 Washington D.C. (where the average morning commute is 34.87 minutes) and No. 6 Baltimore (30.06 minutes).

"Highway growth in the last 20 years has been less than 5 percent," said Joe Reed, vice president of products and operations at Navteq Corp., which monitors traffic in 108 cities nationwide. "It certainly hasn't kept up with population growth and urban sprawl. The result has been much more volatility on the road."

But not for everyone. Omaha's average morning commute is only 20.21 minutes, making its traffic the best among big markets. One of my favorite towns, Buffalo, is No. 2 at 20.95.

How long is your morning commute? Which city do you think is hardest on commuters?


Bill Sheridan