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Reflections on leadership from the beach (Beach Retreat, that is)

Leadership is changing.

Leadership is hard work.

Leadership is needed more than ever at our national and state levels (especially in government).

Leadership needs to manage the formal and informal structures in their organizations.

Leadership can connect and communicate with new social (media) tools.

Leaders have to ensure that their L > C (that their rate of learning is greater than the rate of change).

What leadership does is not changing, but how it does it needs to change.

Our new definition of leadership: Leaders have the ability to find insights and the aptitude to turn those insights into action. Insights to action -- one without the other is either useless or destructive.

These were just some of the insights from the MACPA's Retreat in Ocean City, Md.

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Notice how you can use social media tools to communicate and share your learning.

Here are some photos from Beach Retreat (using Flickr's photo sharing service).

Watch this short video interview with Emmanuel Gobillot.

Here is the link if you want to share the video and more from my blog post on leadership.

Here is my presentation (loaded on www.slideshare.net):

Leadership in the New Normal - MACPA Beach Retreat View more presentations from Tom Hood Our recommended summer reading list (mentioned in our class):

And here is our free social media for CPAs learning site (34 things in 15 minutes a day).

Upcoming programs on Leadership from MACPA and BLI:

So what do you think? Is leadership changing, if so, how?