Can this new keyboard increase your productivity?


Photo by Kai Hendry

What a difference one little key makes.

That's "key" as in "keyboard." Apparently, the inconvenient location of the tab key on standard keyboards -- it's way over there on the left, light years away from the numeric data-entry keys -- has meant a loss of valuable time and productivity for CPAs everywhere.

Wayne Wilson says he has the answer. He's a CPA who has developed the R-Tab keyboard. The tab key is located on the right-hand side of the R-Tab, to the right of the numeric keys. Wilson claims this new location will increase a CPA's productivity by up to 27 percent. "Instead of having to interrupt the left hand and hit the tab key, you don't even have to break the typing stride of your right hand," Wilson said in this SmartPros article. "The tab key is right there."

Read more about the R-Tab for yourself, then let us know: Would you buy one?

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Bill Sheridan