How do I love thee? Let me count the $$$

Heart_1 Let's drop the shop talk for a moment and talk about love. It's a many splendored thing, you know ... especially for businesses that deal in Valentine's Day bling. Forbes says the average target of Cupid's arrow will spend $120 on their sweetheart this year. That's up from $101 last year.

What's that? You haven't bought your Valentine a gift yet? All is not lost. Forbes also offers its procrastinator's guide to the holiday.

Still looking for love? You're in luck. The Baltimore-Washington region ranks ninth on this list of the best cities for singles -- who are just as apt to spend money on Valentine's Day as their lovestruck counterparts.

Or maybe you think all of this Valentine's stuff is nonsense. You're not alone. More and more people these days are wishing someone a Happy Anti-Valentine's Day. If you're among them, here are some ways to make your Anti-Valentine's Day truly special.

How are you planning to celebrate?


Bill Sheridan