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How we used our Office Move to Transform our Organization

[caption id="attachment_582928" align="alignright" width="534"] These emerging leaders loved our new offices and wanted to stop for picture in the CEOs office[/caption]

Five years ago today we moved into our new office space, a controversial 'open office' and began our transformation journey. It all started with a question from our Board of Directors as our Association emerged from the Great Recession of 2008 (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012) facing headwinds of change and pressures on our core business (membership and CPE). We drew on all of our relationships and our colleagues in the CPA Profession and in the Association arena to gain perspective and see a little farther through this fog of uncertainty. Our Chair, Marianela Del Pino-Rivera challenged us by asking, "how will we create an organization that is nimble, agile, and capable of continuous improvement and innovation?"

We knew the answer was in creating a culture of collaboration and innovation supported by a digital infrastructure that allowed for rapid iteration and collaboration. We started with our office space and our lease that was in process of renewal. We also we encouraged to use our experience to tell our members what this transformation journey entails.

Here is a video about the office move:


And a slidedeck outlining our journey...


Our COO, Jackie Brown reflected on this journey today,

"Five years ago, I couldn't really have imagined. Being in the open office allows you to hear opportunities, add insights, and help solve problems more quickly. At the same time, technology allows us to be more mobile in our work and still actively participate. Options to work remotely or in the office - at your desk, a private space, a small huddle room, the cafe, or in conference space with smart tvs to bring in colleagues and share screens of work - has been extremely beneficial to our team and advantageous to our business."

Three blog posts documenting our journey capture what we were thinking and going through at the time:

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Why we went to an open office plan

As I reflect on this day five years ago  I am forever grateful to our team and our volunteer leaders (Board & Executive Committee) who helped create this environment and culture and how we learned together how to ride these big waves of change!

Surf's up!

Three pieces of wisdom that have helped guide us,

"If it was easy, everyone would do it!" - Bob Weidle, CPA

"We shape our buildings and thereafter they shape us" - Winston Churchill

"How you think about the future, shapes your actions today and your actions today will shape your future." - Daniel Burrus

Thank you for being with us on our journey to increase our relevance and value helping our members and this Profession be even more #FutureReady


Tom Hood