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Don’t know what to post on social media in February? We’ve got some ideas

We all now know that social media is an important, non-negotiable part of the sales cycle. Potential clients use social media to find you, learn more about you, and gain “know,” “like” and “trust” factors with you through your posts. Potential and existing clients expect you to be on at least one platform and maintain your platforms with some sort of posting schedule.

But what should you post about month after month?

We’re here to help you sort that out for the month of February!

I have an unhealthy love for social media. I love finding topics that engage audiences and duplicating that over and over again. But I also understand the struggle for ideas. These are a few ideas that I turn to time and time again to share when I’m lacking creativity or time to create original long-form content.

Here are some February post ideas:

Create posts for any important dates your clients might need to know about. For February, some of those dates are:

There are several special days to celebrate in February. I’m going to list a few, but you can visit here for a complete list.

  • Feb. 1 is National Dark Chocolate Day.
  • Feb. 2 is Groundhog Day and the Super Bowl.
  • Feb. 11 is Safe Internet Day.
  • Feb. 17 Random Acts of Kindness Day.

February is also Black History Month. Recognize the journey our profession has gone through when it comes to equality and what is being done to keep moving forward.

It’s still Busy Season, and some people have no clue what it is like to be an accountant during this time of year. Take some images behind the scenes and share that with your audience.

Also, everyone needs downtime, so be sure to show what you do as a human instead of the accounting machine you are.

Now that you have these post ideas, what do you do with them?

The key to successful social media is to keep it:

  • On brand.
  • On topic for your business.
  • Entertaining and educational.
  • Low key on sales. Selling posts should amount to about 20 percent of your content. This will vary, of course, but it’s a general rule to follow.
  • Engaging and social on social media.

Create posts around one, three, or all of the ideas above. When you’re writing posts, be sure to write in a tone that not only sounds like your brand but is engaging. You can accomplish the engaging goal by:

  • Asking the reader to take action on the post by liking, commenting, tagging someone, sharing, saving, or making a purchase.
  • Educating the person in the post.
  • Entertaining the person in the post with your copy or with an image.

These are just a few of the ways that you can engage your audience and have a successful February campaign. If you use some or all of these ideas, be sure to tag us in the post. We would love to support our members on social media and see how creative you can get!


Sarah Hanford