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The world without CPAs

What would the world be like without CPAs

About ten years ago we produced another video with the AICPA, Defining Americas CPAs: Maryland  which featured CPAs all across Maryland in all types of business, public practice, government and not-for-profits. Both of these videos highlight the breadth and depth of CPAs, who like our infrastructure, are often hidden from view until major problems arise. Like our infrastructure, they provide a strong foundation for our free market as they "account" for businesses and other organizations so people can "make sense" of how their organizations are working.

In fact, the federal government is a great example of what happens when there is a lack of financial discipline and accountability, watch this brief video from the AICPA, titled "What's at Stake" to see a CPAs's insights into the Federal Government's Finances. Another example is the lack of real accouting exemplified in this video from the Data Transparency Coalition about the Data Act. Both of these show a world (our government) without (enough) CPAs.

Which brings me back to our (MACPA's) "Why". We are in our 111th year advocating for CPAs.

Why? Because we believe in CPAs. Period.

We believe CPAs play an increasingly important role in the fast changing and increasingly complex global financial world we all live in.

We believe in CPAs with our core values of integrity, objectivity, excellence, and expertise in the lingua franca of business.

Our purpose is to help CPAs thrive in this complex and rapidly changing world. View MACPA's Vision and Strategy on a page here and the CPA Profession's vision here.

Tonight we will welcome a group of newly licensed CPAs into our Profession as they take an oath by the Commissioner of Occupational & Professional Licensing of the DLLR pledging their commitment to serve and protect the public interest first. It will be transformational to these "new" professionals.

To all of our newly licensed CPAs, we salute you and welcome you to our Profession.

To all CPAs already in the Profession, this is chance to reflect on what it means to be a CPA and your why?

And remember, we believe in you!