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Coronavirus: MACPA stays vigilant, with a focus on your health and well-being

Note: MACPA CEO Tom Hood e-mailed the following message to members on Friday, March 13.

Dear members,

The coronavirus has placed extraordinary demands on all business leaders — you, your clients, and us at the MACPA as well. Our goal is to provide you with access to the information that can help keep your business and your clients strong during an era of unprecedented disruption.

To that end, we offer these resources that we believe will be helpful as you plan for a world in which coronavirus impacts us all.

We know you rely on us to provide cutting-edge in-person learning programs to keep your professional development current and to become more future-ready. We take that responsibility seriously. At the same time, your health and well-being — and that of our team, speakers, and volunteers — is our top priority. We are moving forward with plans to hold our events as scheduled in April and future months, and we are equipped to use and are testing various e-learning solutions if necessary. In the unfortunate case we feel it is necessary to cancel future events, we will alert you immediately.

One final thought: When confronted with big challenges and disruptions, a key question for all of us is this: Acknowledging the challenges of the current situation and, in looking to the future, asking ourselves: How can we flip this problem into an opportunity?

Think about some of these questions: How do we work not only remotely, but also more flexibly, and faster? What opportunities are there to rethink and even transform the work we do and the value we deliver?

There are many tools out there that will help us do all of these things — to get better at what we do. To get more out of our businesses and our relationships. Let’s think about how we can offer hope and inspiration to our organizations and clients while acknowledging the brutal facts of our current reality.

In the meantime, my team and I are monitoring this rapidly changing situation and will continue to make prudent decisions as more information becomes available.

Stay tuned, stay vigilant, and stay safe.

Tom Hood, CPA and the entire MACPA team


Bill Sheridan