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Are you part of the movement?

Social, tech-savvy, young professionals are setting out to change our Profession.

If you have not noticed these names: Jason Blumer, Joday Padar, Michael Hsu, Donny Shimamoto, Byron Patrick, you should, because they are the flag-bearers of this movement.

I first met many of them last year at the Accounting Today Growth & Profitability Summit in Las Vegas. Since then I have run across them all around the US and all over social media (I follow all of them on twitter).

They understand the concept of value-added services, value pricing, relationships, business development, and training their team. They also use technology to the utmost, skyping in customers, letting people work flex schedules supported by technology, 

Listen to my interview with MIchael Hsu when I was out at the Verasage Summit earlier this year. As Jody & Jason title one of their extremely popular sessions (they were just featured at MACPA's CPA Summit in June), "This is not your father's CPA Firm"! 


Michael ends with his big "ahha" about VALUE CREATION which goes hand in hand with value pricing, a major concept we think whose time has come. Here are a few more of our posts and interviews from the Verasage summit:

Are you creating value or selling time? - Interview with Kurt SIemers

Are you a black swan? - Interview with the master himself, Ron Baker

By the way, Ron is coming to Maryland in two weeks for our new bundle, Industry in Annapolis (July 26-27) where he will be covering several hot topics.

Michael was also the subject of a recent feature article in Accounting Today.

So what do you think? Are you part of the movement?