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The media are making news in Second Life, too

Cnn_001CPAs have been making headlines (and more headlines) lately by setting up shop in Second Life. Now, the people who write those headlines are diving into the virtual world, too.

CNN is experimenting with virtual news-gathering by creating an "I-Report hub" in Second Life. I-Reports are "user-generated content submitted from cell phones, computers, cameras and other equipment for broadcast and online reports."

"The thing we most hope to gain by having a CNN presence in Second Life," said Susan Grant, executive vice president of CNN News Services, "is to learn about virtual worlds and understand what news is most interesting and valuable to their residents."

As we expand the CPA profession's presence in Second Life, that's our goal, too -- learning how we can best use the resources available in Second Life. With groups like CNN moving in, virtual business continues to gain credibility. Stay tuned ...


Bill Sheridan