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MACPA taps members to solve the staffing crisis

Promoting the CPA license

By some estimates, the CPA profession is understaffed by as much as 30 percent. But I say, "Never underestimate the power of a group of smart people to come up with solutions."

That is just what happened here in Maryland. When we were challenged by members who asked us to help solve this crisis, we turned to them for help: We formed our Accounting Education & Career Task Force and our New/Young Professionals Network and asked them to address the issue in their strategic planning process.

They immediately came up with some actions they could take immediaely. Think about a "supply chain" from student to successful CPA professional. Then configure existing programs and initiatives to focus on the whole process.

There are four major pieces to this:

  1. Student recruitment
  2. CPA candidates: Encourage them to take the CPA exam.
  3. The MACPA's New / Young Professionals Network, which connects them to the CPA profession.
  4. The MACPA's Leadership Academy, which equips them with the critical skills to fast-track their ability to lead and take on more responsibility.

The groups are still working on some more action steps and plans, but I think they are right on target!