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Tax season 2023: That’s a wrap

Some were low-key family affairs. Others were a bit more, shall we say, boisterous. At least one involved water guns.

No matter what your end-of-tax-season celebration looked like, we’ve got a message for you:

Busy season is never an easygoing affair, but by most accounts, this year was a bit less stressful than in years past — in some cases significantly less stressful.

Going forward, we can apparently look forward to $80 billion worth of further improvements from the IRS, which recently unveiled a detailed plan for how it will overhaul its tax collection, technology, and customer service work over the next decade.

For now, though, we’re offering tax preparers everywhere our sincere thanks and congratulations on the end of yet another tax season — and for yet another job incredibly well done.

Here’s to you … and cheers to you!


Bill Sheridan