MACPA sets preliminary legislative agenda


Our legislative executive committee chaired by Allen DeLeon (DeLeon & Stang) met and established our preliminary legislative agenda for 2010.

  1. Stop sales taxes on accounting, consulting, and tax services.
  2. Oppose combined reporting (until Maryland Business Tax Reform Commission issues report) .
  3. Stop tort/civil liability reforms that lead to lawsuit abuse.
  4. Support the State Board if it introduces 120/150 CPA exam legislation.
  5. Stop efforts to repeal mandatory peer review by unlicensed accountants.
  6. Monitor potential changes to Maryland Tax Preparer Act by unlicensed groups

We were hoping for a quiet session as this is an election year, but we are anticipating these issues and believe we need to stay vigilant as these issue are significant to your CPA license and practice rights in Maryland.

We also planned the agenda for our CPA day in Annapolis scheduled for January 20, 2010 at the Governor Calvert House in Annapolis - click CPA Day in Annapolis registration(includes 2 hours of free CPE).

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