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Killing the productivity killers

OrganizeWe'd all like to be more productive, but sometimes technology, red tape and bad habits conspire against us.

Or so it would seem after reading this article from AccountingWeb. According to business strategist Laurie Shufeldt, there are five factors that are "capable of slowing down any firm or practice." They are:

  • Disorganization
  • Lack of automation
  • Inefficient internal communications
  • Lack of planning and workflow processes
  • Handling the same papers (or data) more than once

Sound familiar? Then read on. Shufeldt offers solutions that can make you and your organization more productive. Top7Business.com, meanwhile, offers its own list of productivity killers. Compare it to Shufeldt's list and you begin to see definite patterns emerge.

Do you recognize any of these issues? How have you addressed them in your organization?


Bill Sheridan