Tax deadline extended AGAIN for storm victims

Just when you thought tax season was over ...

Taxpayers impacted by the nor'easter that dumped heavy rain and snow throughout the Northeast on April 16 will get another full week in which to file their tax returns. The IRS initially extended the deadline for those impacted by the storm to midnight tonight.  Now, the IRS has pushed that deadline to midnight on Thursday, April 26.

Maryland also is extending the filing deadline for storm victims to midnight on April 26.

For both state and federal returns, taxpayers should mark their paper tax returns with the words "April 16 Storm" to avoid incurring late fees.

The IRS did not specifically name which states or regions are affected by the extenstion. Instead, in a list of FAQs about the storm relief, the agency states, "We decided not to list specific states because of the widespread nature of the storm and transportation issues that could affect people located outside the Northeastern corridor. You will need to contact your respective state tax agency regarding any filing deadline issues pertaining to your state tax return."


Bill Sheridan