Hunt for CPA talent goes mainstream

InterviewThe staffing crisis has been making waves in the CPA profession for the past few years. Now, the rest of the business world is taking notice, too.

In a Wall Street Journal article titled "Recruiters chase a shrinking talent pool," author Julie Bennett writes that "competition for entry-level and experienced talent is just as heated as it was in 2003, when the first (Sarbanes-Oxley) gun was fired."

"The average master's degree candidate will receive five offers ... at salaries of around $50,000," Bennett writes, quoting numbers from Bill Brady, director of the business career center at Brigham Young's Marriott School of Management. And the hunt for top talent doesn't stop there: "A good accountant looking to leave the firm he's working for will receive three or four offers, plus a counter-offer from his current employer," Georgina Fox of the executive search firm Michael Page told the Journal.

A recent series of MACPA podcasts took a closer look at recruitment, retention and talent management. Listen to the podcasts here:

What are you doing to attract and retain talent in this competitive environment?


Bill Sheridan