Financial Planning

CPAs drive financial literacy message home

Reese We've spent lots of time here talking about the CPA profession's commitment to improving Americans' financial literacy.

But talk is cheap. Let's see some proof.

Exhibit A is Pat Reese. With the help of a member of the National CPA Financial Literacy Commission, Reese -- a former MACPA board chair and current director of the Health Resources and Services Administration's Division of Financial Integrity -- hosts monthly brown-bag sessions for HRSA employees titled, "Your Money, Your Choices, Your Future." The goal: Help these folks improve their personal finance IQ.

This three-minute video takes a closer look at the HRSA sessions.

"We are in extremely challenging economic times right now," Reese says in the video. "As I talk to people, I realize there are a lot of people who are struggling. ... This is something we employers can give our employees -- something where we can share (information) with them and help them, and they'll say, 'Gosh, my employer is providing this to me. They really care.'"

That's what the CPA profession's financial literacy campaign is all about -- sharing knowledge, resources and information with others so they can take control of their finances and improve their lives. Nice job, Pat!


Bill Sheridan